BUILD Training Splits

BUILD Challenge includes six workouts per week, with each session taking between 45-70 minutes to complete.

BUILD Challenge - Level 1

Monday: Lower Body Weighted

Tuesday: Upper Body Weighted

Wednesday: Cardio & Core Strength and Stability

Thursday: Lower Body Weighted

Friday: Upper Body Weighted

Saturday: Lower Body Circuit

Sunday: Rest & Recovery

BUILD Challenge - Level 2

Monday: Glutes Weighted

Tuesday: HIIT Cardio & Core Strength & Stability

Wednesday: Lower Body Weighted

Thursday: Upper Body Weighted

Friday: Lower Body Weighted

Saturday: Upper Body Weighted & Core Strength & Stability

Sunday: Rest & Recovery

BUILD Challenge - Level 3

Monday: Glutes & Quads Weighted

Tuesday: Shoulders, Chest & Triceps/LISS Cardio

Wednesday: Hamstrings & Back Weighted

Thursday: HIIT Intervals/Core

Friday: Full Body Mobility/LISS Cardio

Saturday: Glutes & Core Weighted

Sunday: Rest & Recovery

You will have the ability to personalise your workouts to suit your lifestyle.

If you need help in choosing the perfect level for you based on your goals, please click here.

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