What can I achieve in 8 weeks with BUILD?

Take a look below at what some of our amazing community members were able to achieve with this Challenge.

When starting your journey in the MWU App, you'll receive the option to choose from three goals; fat loss, muscle gain, or both. These goals determine the nutrition targets you'll receive, and whether we recommend a calorie deficit, surplus, or maintenance calories for you.

Take a look at the impressive results our past clients have achieved in their journey with our BUILD Challenge, and the specific goals they've selected.

Fat Loss

This goal is if you are interested in losing weight and body fat. To achieve this goal, we will place you in a moderate calorie deficit, meaning you will be burning more energy than consuming. Please note that this goal is not the best for you if you want to increase your lean muscle mass significantly.




This goal will place you in a mild calorie deficit (slightly higher calories compared to Fat Loss). This is aimed at steady fat loss while preserving as much lean muscle as possible. While your muscle mass is unlikely to increase dramatically on this goal, you will sculpt and shape your physique and create muscle definition through a combination of training and nutrition. This goal is also a perfect transition point between Fat Loss and Muscle Gain.



Muscle Gain 

If you select this goal, we will work with you to achieve an optimal calorie surplus - meaning consuming slightly more than you burn, thus providing necessary fuel for muscle growth. When in a surplus, please note that your measurements and weight are very likely to increase slightly - this is all part of the process!



Not only have these clients transformed their physical strength through BUILD but they've also built confidence and made positive transformations in their relationship with food and overall mindset too.

This is our final Challenge of the year - your last chance to complete this journey alongside Rachel Dillon, with the guidance of our team of accredited Dietitians, and accountability of being a part of an exclusive group in our like-minded community.

If you're ready to finish 2021 strong, BUILD is the Challenge for you. 

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