What is the BUILD Challenge?

Welcome to BUILD Challenge (formerly Bikini Build)

Welcome to BUILD Challenge, an exclusive 8 week Challenge created to unlock your potential and finish 2021 strong. Join Rachel Dillon and thousands of others in our like-minded community on your journey to building confidence, strength, your mindset and more.

Enjoy a combination of weighted and conditioning workouts to build lean muscle, a customised approach to nutrition aligned with your goals, and the accountability of being a part of this exclusive Challenge group, guided by Rachel Dillon and our team of accredited Dietitians and expert Trainers.

With a level suited to your personal training experience, BUILD Challenge is for anyone looking to maximise their fitness journey for the remainder of 2021. If you're looking to build confidence, improve strength, and train like Rachel Dillon, this is the challenge for you.

BUILD Challenge will transform your fitness journey in just 8 weeks. Through completing this exclusive Challenge, you can expect to build confidence, improve strength, develop lean muscle, learn new positive habits, practice discipline and redefine your limits.

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