What are 'For Time' and EMOM workouts?

You might have seen that we mention ‘timed workouts’ as part of Morgans' Programs. So what are they?

The timed workouts you’ll experience during Morgan’s Program are ‘For Time’ workouts and ‘EMOM’ workouts.

✔️ 'For Time' workouts: ‘For Time’ workouts are all in the name! When you’re getting ready for these workouts, you’ll notice a time for the session. Your focus is to get all of your exercises in that session done within the timeframe.

✔️ EMOM workouts: EMOM stands for Every Minute On (the) Minute. You’ll get a set amount of reps per exercise in these workouts, and your focus will be to finish the reps within a minute, and when you’re done you rest for the remainder of the exercise. Here’s how it works; if you finish your reps in 45 seconds, you rest for 15, or if you finish in 55 seconds, you rest for 5.

Important note! These workouts are all about your time so keep in mind that even a one-second difference is HUGE and something to be celebrated!

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