What is the 6 Week ACTIVE Program?


ACTIVE Zero Equipment is for those who want the freedom to exercise on their own terms, without any equipment. This program is designed to enhance your energy levels, improve muscular endurance and build positive nutrition and training habits to carry into a fitter future.

Here’s what’s included when you sign up for ACTIVE:

  • No-Equipment and/or Minimal Equipment Sessions
  • Resistance-Style Training
  • Timed 45 minute Circuits
  • 6 sessions per week, including a split of lower body, full body, and glute focused circuits

You will also receive customised Meal Guides that cater to your personal goals and dietary preferences. You can enjoy all the training and nutrition features of this Program for 6 months.

Want to challenge yourself to 6 weeks of effective no-equipment workouts to improve your overall health and fitness? Sign up here for our ACTIVE Program.

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