What level of STRONG is best for me?

Strong is available in four different levels, based on your training experience.

  • Level 1: Less than 6 months training experience.
  • Level 2: 6-12 months training experience.
  • Level 3: 12-18 months training experience.
  • Level 4: 18+ months training experience.

Each level is divided into four 2-week training blocks, followed by a 2-week deload phase at the conclusion of the program. The aim is to improve performance and build strength by increasing the intensity in the second week of each training block.

Level 1 includes four full-body weighted workouts and two low-intensity cardio sessions for the first four weeks. From week 5, the workout split is divided into full upper-body and full lower-body sessions with additional core circuits. The rep ranges from 8-12 in this round to allow your body to adapt to the common movement patterns.

Level 2 includes five resistant-training sessions, one high-intensity cardio session, and one low-intensity cardio session to be completed alongside a weighted workout. In the first four weeks, the weekly workout split is divided into upper-body and lower-body focused days with a higher rep range. From week 5, the weekly workout split incorporates full-body workouts with the number of sets being increased and reps decreased, aiming to progress in your strength.

Level 3 incorporates a combination of upper-body and lower-body weighted workouts, core-focused circuits, and high-intensity and low-intensity cardio sessions. In the first four weeks, the weighted workouts are focused on targeting larger muscle groups. During these training blocks the aim is to build strength with progressive overload. From week 5, one lower-body workout is replaced with an additional low-intensity cardio session to allow optimal recovery time. And in weeks 7-8, full body workout splits are re-introduced with an increased working period to continue developing your strength endurance.

Level 4 is divided into three lower-body workouts, two upper-body workouts, and two cardio sessions each week. In this level, the working period for each high-intensity cardio session is increased with each training block. A new training method of pyramid-sets, is also introduced in this round to emphasise on improving your strength with progressive overload.

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