What is the Evolve Challenge and what's included?

This challenge provides you with access to four different training styles, each of which will contribute to different physical progress.

Our challenges have transformed the lives of hundreds of thousands of women across the globe, and we have never created anything quite like this.

Here’s a quick look at each challenge and what’s included.


Full Body Strength: The Strength Challenge has been programmed by highly-accredited Exercise Physiologist and personal trainer, Dr Tony Boutagy, bringing you the most effective strength training methods, to take your lifting game to the next level.

At Home: The At-Home Challenge is for those looking to get moving, increase their fitness level, and achieve an overall, full-body transformation from home.

30 Min Express: The 30 Min Express Challenge is designed to help preserve/build muscle and transform your body composition. The mix of resistance and circuit-style workouts are designed for high energy expenditure, giving you maximum results in a shorter period.

Mobility: The Mobility Challenge is designed to enhance your range of motion in general movements and improve your all-around performance in functional fitness. By completing this Challenge you will be able to squat deeper, move better and push harder, while also preventing training-based injuries.

This Challenge includes:

  • Weekly check-ins
  • Printable Accountability Chart
  • A Customer Care Partner
  • 4x training styles
  • 6 months App access to ALL features
  • Customised meal guides + personalised macros catered to your goals
  • Live workouts from MWU Coaches Rachel, Emma and Morgan.
  • Ability to select your training days
  • Progress tracking

+ so much more.

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