Do you offer a free trial?

7 Day Free Trial - No Payment Required

You can only access 1 free trial per person and your trial will begin right away.

With our Free Trial, you'll get full access to the MWU App for 7 days. Your access includes a week of home and gym workouts from your chosen Program, plus a customised Meal Guide tailored to your goals and dietary preferences, daily goal setting and tracking features, in-app exclusive content, 850+ recipes and so much more!

At the end of your 7 days, you'll be prompted to purchase a Program to continue using the MWU App. This can be the Program you just trialled, or a completely new one!

You won't be charged automatically after your trial has been completed so there is no need to cancel your trial.

The steps to starting your Free Trial are easy!

  1. Enter your email address and press Continue

  1. Fill in your details and press Create My Account

  1. Choose the Program you want to trial
  1. Read the program description and press continue if that's the program you'd like to trial

  1. Choose your level (if needed) and click Begin 7 Day Trial
  2. Select Okay and enjoy!
Challenges aren't available for trial, only programs.

The steps to purchasing your Program are quick, simple and can be found right here.

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