What are check-ins and how do they work?

Learn all about how we tailor your journey - based on your progress!

With all Programs and Challenges, you’ll be guided by the team here at Move With Us with check-ins. Check-ins happen at weeks 2, 4 and 6 where you can let us know how you’re going so we can adapt your Program or Challenge to help maximise your progress.

Listed below are our Programs and check-in times:

  • 8 Week STRONG Program has 3x fortnightly check-ins
  • 6 Week ACTIVE Program has 2x fortnightly check-ins
  • 4 Week FIT Program has one check-in at week 2
  • 8 Week Move With Emma Program has 3x fortnightly check-ins
  • 8 Week Move With Morgan Program has 3x fortnightly check-ins
  • 4 Week Move28 Program has one check-in at week 2

You can always update your tracking anytime here.

Why check in?

Checking in allows us to see how you’ve been responding to your Program so far and, if needed, make changes to ensure that you're getting the best results.

With the questions here are some explanations:

  • Energy: this relates to your overall energy levels, not just when training or at work.
  • Positive changes in strength and performance can be anything from getting through a full set without stopping, to being able to use heavier weights. Any progress counts!
  • Positive changes in physique don't mean just the number of your scale! Consider your progress photos, the way clothing fits, and any small changes you're noticing.
  • Be honest with yourself when rating how consistent you have been - this way you will be able to reflect and set realistic, attainable goals.
  • Food: if you're hungry, choose 'Not Enough' so we know! If you're satisfied or full, choose from the other 2 options.

The check-in process is designed to be simple! With all Programs and Challenges, you have from Wednesday until midnight Sunday to check in (your time zone!) each fortnight. It's important that you don't miss the window, so we've outlined the steps on how to check-in below:

  1. When your check-in window is open, you'll notice a button on your MWU App home screen. Click on the Time to check in notification and questions will appear
  2. Answer the questions correctly and click Complete Check-In
  3. Once you have submitted your questions, we'll be able to review and make updates based on your answers
Based on your check-in information, our team may adjust your nutritional targets, or leave them the same! Everyone's journey is unique, so don't be alarmed either way and trust the process.

This is a really crucial time if you’re serious about your progress.

We've found that check-in time can be when some of us start to doubt ourselves, while others continue building their momentum. Choosing to focus on your momentum and determination is hard, but we urge you to stay committed and not give up on yourself.

Remember the reason you joined this Program or Challenge, and use it to motivate you through each week, and each day. We promise that if you push through any barriers and thoughts of self-doubt, you'll experience amazing things during the rest of your journey.

Stay consistent! The more you can follow your routine now, the more these new actions will become habits that form your new lifestyle. We believe in you!

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