What dietary restrictions do you cater for?

We cater for a range of dietary requirements for nutritious, delicious food everyone can love.

Here at MWU, we believe in providing nutritious food to fuel your journey, no matter what your dietary preferences and requirements here. We currently offer recipes and meals for the following restrictions:

  • Gluten-Free
  • Dairy-Free
  • Nut-Free
  • Red Meat Free
  • Seafood Free
  • Pescetarian
  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan

Important to note: Not all combinations of restrictions are able to be catered for. For example, we can cater for Red-Meat Free and Dairy Free, however, we currently don't have Meal Guides available for combinations like Vegetarian and Nut-Free.

But until we can offer every combination under the sun, we are committed to giving you the tools to customise your meals!

Simple use our Food Swap feature which allows you to swap out certain ingredients that you may not be able to consume for alternatives, and add in your own food items or recipes to your day with the Add feature.

We do not cater to medical nutrition therapy for medical conditions including but not limited to diabetes, post-weight loss procedures, kidney disease, high cholesterol/heart disease, disordered eating, IBS, or IBD. We do recommend discussing suitability with your Doctor or Dietitian prior to adjusting your plan so that it matches their recommendations.

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