What does my App access include?

You'll get all the tools you need to succeed with our MWU App!

When you sign up for a Program with us, you'll receive 6 months of access to our MWU App, and the Program you've chosen. You'll have full access to EVERY App feature to customise your journey with tailored workouts, nutrition, goal tracking and exclusive content for you to love!

Please keep in mind you'll only be able to access the Program and Level you purchased during your access period, you won't be able to swap Programs or Levels unless you purchase another option.

If you purchase Level 1 of STRONG for 6 months, you can only access Level 1. If you’d like to access Level 2 or try out a different Program, you’ll need to purchase that option.

This will give you more time to focus on your performance, skills and customise your workouts to suit you with our Workout Library! 💪

Here's more of what you get during your App access:

  • Daily home and gym workouts from your Program
  • Access to our entire Workout Library to customise your workouts and design new training splits
  • Tailored Meal Guides and daily macro and calorie targets designed by our in-house dietitians for your goals and preferences
  • Access to over 850+ meals from our Recipe Library and the ability to add your own meals and keep your favourites in one place
  • Goal, progress and mindset tracking
  • Live Workouts from EVERY MWU Trainer in our 'Exclusive Content' section available from the App home screen
  • Exclusive access to our Mindset Hub, how-to's and video content

Here are some articles that will help with editing and customising your Workout Planner & Meal Guide:

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