What is the difference between a Program & Challenge?

Move With Us Challenges vs Programs

The key difference between our Programs and Challenge is their availability and App access!

Our Programs come with 6 months of access to our MWU App, allowing you to repeat and customise your workouts and journey. They also have an intake each Monday, so you can sign up when it suits you! You can get more info about our Programs right here.

Our Challenges on the other hand only launch 1-2 times a year, making them a lot more exclusive. Challenges run for either 6 or 8 weeks and App access will only be available throughout the duration of the Challenge. Everyone can jump on board together and complete the workouts at the same time. For an extra bonus, there’s always amazing prizes up for grabs for our Challenge winner!

Challenges come with a set start and end date! This allows you to create new routines, push yourself for a set period of time, and once you complete the Challenge, you can set the bar a little bit higher.

No matter what option you choose, we’d love to welcome you to our community!

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