App troubleshooting

Unexpectedly experiencing App issues? Follow these steps to get help:

  1. Check that your App is updated to the latest version from the App Store or Google Play
  2. Double-check that you're logging in with the email address you used to purchase your Program or Challenge
  3. If things are still not acting quite right, Force Quit the App (click below for instructions)
  1. Try restarting the device you're using by switching it on/off
  2. Ensure you're connected to Mobile Data or have a stable WiFi connection
  3. In the App but aren't seeing the right workouts for your Program or Challenge? Try toggling between the 'Dumbbell' and 'Home' icon on the top right screen of your Workouts Tab to change the workouts you're getting.
  4. If all else fails, let our genius Customer Care Team know at with the following details:
  • Emailed used to log in:
  • Phone Model:
  • Phone Software Version:
  • App Version:

And attach any screenshots/recordings to assist with investigating the issue

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