Where can I join the Move With Us Community Forum?

Join like-minded women across the world!

Welcome to the Move With Us Community! Here at Move With Us, we’re on a mission to empower and transform hearts, minds and bodies through fitness — one woman, one challenge and one day at a time.

Whether you’ve been a part of our fitness movement since the beginning, or this is your first time checking out our community — we’re so excited to welcome you!

Our Forum, just like the rest of the MWU community, is a safe space for women all over the world to share their journeys, experiences and ask any health and fitness-related questions.

This is a space where you’ll feel supported and heard. Click here to join our MWU Community.

Group rules:

  1. Be kind

It sounds simple, but BE KIND to one another. Bullying of any kind will not be tolerated, degrading comments about race, religion, culture, sexual orientation, gender or identity will result in a ban

  1. App Issues

If you’re experiencing any issues with your App, please refrain from posting these in the Forum. Please send us an email to info@movewithus.com and we’ll be happy to troubleshoot any issues for you.

  1. No posting of MWU Content

Any Programs, Plans, Meal Plans, Accountability & Self-Care Calendars posted in the forum will be removed. If you have questions about your Program, email us and we’ll be there to answer you directly

  1. Spam and external links

Let’s keep our community clean. Any spam and irrelevant content or links will be removed. This includes links to businesses, websites or social pages, unless there’s a dedicated admin approved thread

  1. Self-promotion and social media handles

We’re here to lift each other up, so any posts including self-promotion will be removed. This includes any businesses and social media handles, unless there is a dedicated admin approved thread.

  1. Report any issues

This is a safe space for everyone in our community. If you see any posts which go against our Guidelines, please report them to us ASAP by clicking the three little dots > report to group admins.

  1. Fundraisers

We get requests daily and want to make it fair for everyone - for this reason, fundraisers/charity pages cannot be posted unless facilitated by MWU. Any questions, please email info@movewithus.com

  1. Buy/Swap/Sell

No listings/sales are allowed except for those on the buy/swap/sell thread which is accessible through the search bar. Any stand-alone posts will be removed. Repeated behaviour will result in a ban.

  1. Comments for post notifications

Comments with a sole purpose of “following” or “bumping” a post (i.e. “f”, “following”, “bump”, etc) will be removed. FB has a great tool for following: three little dots on the top right of posts

  1. False or misleading information

Posts/Comments may be deleted at moderators’ discretion if it is believed they may contain false, misleading or unsubstantiated information.

We can't wait to cheer you on through every step of your journey!

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