Can I swap an ingredient from my Meal Guide?

If you're not a fan of a particular ingredient or you're low in stock, simply swap it out.

Follow these steps to swap an ingredient from any recipe in your Meal Guide!

  1. Click Meals

  1. Choose the meal you'd like to swap an ingredient from

  1. Select Swap

  1. Use the left and right arrows to see a range of ingredient options to swap.

The macros may slightly change, however, your calories will stay very similar.
  1. To save your food swap changes, click Exit Swap

Your Shopping List updates at midnight every day (or the first time you open it in the day). It'll list the food you need for a one week period from the day that you're viewing (current date + 6 following days). To update the ingredients listed to the ones in your current Meal Guide, simply click the Reset button in the top right corner of your Shopping List. You can also add any missing/extra items to this list.

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