Can I swap just one meal from my Meal Guide?

Yes! Our meal swap feature will enable you to swap any meal from your Meal Guide to one with similar calories and macros.

To swap a meal from your Meal Guide follow these easy steps!

  1. Click Meals

  1. Tap the swap button next to the meal you'd like to swap

  1. Choose a meal from the list of meals provided or click the filter icon in the top right corner
By clicking the filter icon, you can add in any additional dietary restrictions, preferences or meal categories to further your search.

  1. Use the sliding scale to help find a specific meal for your recommended calories & macros. You can filter through different dietary restrictions or meal categories to really refine your search! Select Apply to find all the possible meals to choose from that match your selected preferences.
  2. Select the meal you'd like and click swap with this meal

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