How do I get a new Meal Guide?

Changing your Meal Guide with one tap was one of our most requested features, so we've made it as easy as possible.

If you'd like to change your entire Meal Guide, please see the steps below!

  1. Click Meals

  1. Select Get New Meals

  1. Use the left and right arrows to filter through our Meal Guides. If you can't find one you like simply hit Cancel which will you take you back to your Meal Guide. Click Save Meals once you've found a Meal Guide you like.

  1. If you've found the one you love, choose if you'd like to save changes for the Selected Day or you can save for All Days

Selected Day will save for the day you're currently viewing - All Days will save for the highlighted day and all future days.
  1. Press Confirm and your new Meal Guide will be ready to go!

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