How does the 'My Macros' feature work?

The My Macros feature enables you to change your Goal and Dietary Restrictions, as well as indicate if your calorie intake is too little or too much for you, at any time.

To access this feature please see the steps below:

  1. Go to your Profile Image

  1. Click Update My Macros

If your calories are already a bit too low based on the information provided, we may not be able to decrease them further for your safety.
Change Goal

When going through the Update My Macros questionnaire, your current Goal will be pre-selected for your convenience. Simply select a different Goal, and your macros will be recalculated accordingly. You can further fine-tune this target by going through the feature questionnaire again, leaving the Goal intact, and then indicating whether the current amount of food is not enough or too much for you in the next question.

Change Calories

To tweak just your calories, leave the Goal intact in the first question and in Hunger Levels indicate whether the current amount of food is not enough (increase calories) or too much for you (decrease calories).

Change Restrictions

This is the last question in the Update My Macros questionnaire. To change just the Restrictions, leave your pre-selected Goal intact in the first question, then respond "Just Right" to the Hunger Levels question, and then finally alter your restrictions as desired. The selection is the same as in your initial questionnaire!

Your Meal Guide and nutritional recommendations will be updated once you press Confirm Changes. And don't worry, you can always keep your current macros by clicking the use my current macros button!

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