How do I remove or add workouts in my Workout Planner?

Learn how to customise your Workout Planner in just a few quick clicks.

How to remove workouts:

  1. Click Workouts

  1. Press the edit icon in the lower right corner

  1. Select Update My Workouts

  1. Use the 'X' icon to remove workouts

If you hold the workout - for example, Activation Circuit you can hold and drag it to complete on a different day.
  1. Done removing workouts? Click the edit icon in the lower right corner once more

  1. Click Save Changes

How to add new workouts:

  1. Tap the '+' icon next to the day

  1. Choose your workout! You have the option to choose workouts from your 3 MWU coaches

  1. After choosing your workout click Add to Day and get ready to train!

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